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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 21st

21 May 1863

Saturday 23d.

23 May 1863
22 May 1863
Friday 22d.

My anxiety prevented my sleeping, sot hat I was up soon after sunrise to look after the telegram which was due. It came and told of an uncertain result but no positive defeat. On the whole the accounts were not discouraging. The relief to my mind was prodigious. For although I put no faith in the rumors that were circulated so freely in evil disposed quarters, I did yet fear that there might be consequences of the same action of the 3rd which would materially affect the conditions of the campaign. So far as we can judge, this is not the case. The armies remain as they were. If so, the damage is to the other party. On the whole I do not think I have passed a week of more personal anxiety since I have been here. From my son I hear nothing, which is on the whole good news. I wrote my private letters today. With Mrs Adams I dined with Mr and Mrs Atkinson, at their house about three miles off. He is an Englishman who married Grace Stackpole, whom I knew as a girl in Boston, forty five years ago. They are snug, comfortable people in the respectable class. He a retired lawyer. He had a number of persons, of whom I knew only Mr and Mrs Morgan. The entertainment was very handsome but dull. Home by eleven.

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