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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 22d.

22 May 1863

Sunday 24th

24 May 1863
23 May 1863
Saturday 23d.

A little later intelligence announced General Hooker’s safe retreat once more across the river. The enterprise has failed and we are as before. General Jackson is reported among the wounded, and the impression I get from the whole account is that we have gained more than we lost by the struggle. At all events we are released from our term of painful anxiety. This is the third occasion. The first was on McClellan’s defeat. The second, the irruption of Lee. After writing some letters, I started with Mrs Adams and Mr Forbes and Mary to go to Richmond and take luncheon, with M and Madame Laugel. The day was pleasant and I enjoyed the drive. Here we found the Count de Paris who had been invited to meet us. We spent an hour in pleasant conversation. The Court is very decided in his sympathies with us, and still adheres to McClellan. I found Mr Forbes much depressed at the news, and inclined to go back today to America. Strangely enough it has an opposite effect upon me373 We took an early dinner and started, that is Mrs Adams, Mary, Brooks, and I for a short excursion to the seaside. Henry at the same time accompanied Mr Evarts to Cambridge. Our course was in the opposite direction to Eastbourne, a small plan in Sussex, between Brighton and Hastings. We left the Victoria Station at seven and arrived at the New Inn in Eastbourne at about two o’clock.

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