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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 23d.

23 May 1863

Monday 25th

25 May 1863
24 May 1863
Sunday 24th

Our lodgings were neat and clean, but it was evident at a glance that we had missed the right situation close upon the water. So before breakfast I sallied out upon a voyage of discovery. The sky was clear and the sun bright, whilst the birds were singing most cheerily among the trees as I rambled along the roads of Eastbourne. It is pleasant to find this quiet and rural scene, as a relaxation from the wear and anxiety of my place in London. After a slight slack I came to the Burlington Hotel where I engaged rooms at once. The windows look directly upon the sea, and they have the benefit of the morning sun. Our transfer effected after breakfast I attended Divine service at Trinity Church. My son Brooks with me. It was Whitsunday, and we had the odious Athanasian creed among the service. The Church is modern. The preacher dwelt upon the text Quench not the spirit without any force. Afterwards we all took a drive to visit Pennsey Castle, about four miles The ruins are very ancient, bring the remnants of a strong work previous to the arrival of the conqueror. At that time Pennsey was a port of entry, but it is now far from deep water. There are portions of six towers still standing, with the inner and the water wall. There is no historical interest attached to it. I walked back with Brooks, and we had a quiet and comfortable evening.

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