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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 1st

1 July 1863

Friday 3d.

3 July 1863
2 July 1863
Thursday 2d.

A number of persons to see me who absorbed a large part of my time in the morning. Mr Latham, senator from California, Mr Hill from Boston with a young man by the name of Wolcott, Dr Canfield from New York and Mr Evarts. Nevertheless I succeeded in preparing my usual supply of Despatches for the week, and in writing a letter or two. We had a company t donner consisting of Mr and Mrs Moffat, Mr and Mrs Pender, Mr and Mrs Bentson, Mr Mrs & Miss Jackson, Mr and Miss Morgan, Mr and Mrs McCalnient, Mr C W. Field. This is in return for civilities paid by the respective parties to us. They left us at about eleven. Mary and Henry accompanied Mrs Bentson to a ball at Madame Scherale’s, but we remained at home.

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