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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 2d.

2 July 1863

Saturday 4th

4 July 1863
3 July 1863
Friday 3d.

Rather a quiet day at home with the exception of a visit to Messr Baring in the city for the arrangement of my quarterly accounts. The debate on Mr Roebuck’s motion was not continued last evening, but was postponed until Monday week. Thus far it has been of service rather than an injury to us. Now all depends upon the news from home which yet continues of the same dubious character as before. No signs of yielding either at Vicksburg or Port Hudson, whilst General Lee’s offensive movement frightens Pennsylvania and New York. My spirits remain constantly depressed from apprehension for my son. A walk around the regents park towards night. In the evening I went with Henry and Mary to a small reception at Lady Georgiana Fane’s. Her small rooms were more than full. There was an entertainment of glee singing which would have been pleasant, had we been permitted to hear it. But the raise was such that it was hopeless, so we came home before midnight.

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