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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 6th

6 July 1863

Wednesday 8th

8 July 1863
7 July 1863
Tuesday 7th

This is really quite warm weather. Though by no means of the kind that we have in America, it seems to relax the system quite as much. I went down today to attend another coin sale which contained an excellent series of Roman Consular and Imperial denarii. The attendance as usual, but the bidding was very spirited. Although I got a considerable number, they were by no means so cheap as those obtained on some former occasions, and I failed in seeming many others, from the height to which they ran. As this is the last for the season, I think on a review I have made a good deal of progress in knowledge by these visits. A great number of very fine specimens as well as rare coins have been examined, so that my relative ideas have been improved. I prefer this practice to that of putting myself at the mercy of the dealers. Got home at five o’clock, to find a telegram from America which was not very encouraging. We had a small company to dinner consisting of Mr and Mrs Latham, Mr Henry Ward Beecher, Dr Raymond, Mr Cobden, Mr Charles Howard and Mr Browning. It was rather pleasant and they stayed until after eleven o’clock. Captain Lace of the Ship Macedonian was invited, but he called to excuse himself, on the ground of necessity for early departure.

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