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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 7th

7 July 1863

Thursday 9th

9 July 1863
8 July 1863
Wednesday 8th

It was so warm and I was so dull that I concluded to abandon the sale of coins and devote a part of my day to an examination and analysis. As is common with auction with sales I found a mixture of good and dear bargains—the general result not being nearly so satisfactory as the sale in the early party of the season. My spirits are now habitually depressed by the constant anxiety about my son. Today they were uncommonly so by the news of General Lee’s progress and the insufficient preparation made to meet him. The inadequacy of General Hooker to his post fills me with apprehension. The President did indeed take the chances against himself when he removed McClellan. For though he failed in offensive warfare, he was always successful in the defence. I fear that the risks are now against us. The Potomac army has always sunk under the effect of the miserable party conflict at Washington. Would there were a real commander! Towards407 evening I took a walk and made some purchases. Quiet dinner at home, and afterwards. The duty of society has become so oppressive to me that I am very thankful it is so nearly over. People are leaving London in numbers, and though it is possible Parliament may sit for a month yet, the heat will counteract much continuance of those not absolutely compelled to remain. Mr Dudley came from Liverpool and brought me some deposition respecting Mr Laird’s Iron clad vessel which has been launched.

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