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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 8th

8 July 1863

Friday 10th

10 July 1863
9 July 1863
Thursday 9th

Continuance of dry, warm weather. Not having so much of Despatch writing to do this week I succeeded in accomplishing the work pretty early. A visit from Mr R J. Walker who is anxious about his son who is with Banks at Port Hudson. The accounts from that point are not favorable. Indeed this week they are hardly so from any where. It is on such occasions that the disposition of this people most crops out. I must admit that at last I have become thoroughly weary with this situation. All hope of streaming this current of inclination is gone. My usefulness can consist only in endeavoring so far as I honorably may to avoid war. Thus far the government has given me ample credit for my services in this particular. It remains now only to take care of the record, and see that it is brought to a close in good shape. I went out to return visits to Messr Beecher, Raymond, Mr and Mrs Latham, and Mrs Bates, but found they had all left town. Quiet evening at home. Finished Mr Forster’s book in the attempt of Charles the first to seize the five members.

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