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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 24th

24 July 1863

Sunday 26th

26 July 1863
24 July 1863
Friday 24th

Quiet day employed in writing my private letters home. No visits excepting one from Mr Bancroft Davis. The incredulity about Vicksburg is still persisted in, although the Times of this morning admits an extraordinary communication from Richmond dated on the 15th of June, which reports entire despair of saving it even at that date. It also mentions what I had heard of here from a Southern source already, a decided disagreement418 between Jefferson Davis and his generals. considering the over bearing and dictatorial character of the man, this is natural. The debate in the commons came off just as I anticipated. Lord Palmerston only showed the same aggravating spirit which has marked him throughout the struggle. Mr Cobden gained nothing by his motion. The iron clads may go out and a war may ensue for all the first Minister with one leg in the grave cares. I incline to think it might be well for the lives of thousands if the other leg went in shortly too. Of all the public men who have appeared in my day Lord Palmerston seems the least satisfactory. With a certain sort of talent, he wants breadth, elevation and heart. He has logic enough to be ready at retort, but not enough for a comprehensive argument. He plays the part of mountebank and juggler, with the House of Commons for his arena. Nothing can be more unjust, and falsified than his reply last night as it relates to America, but if it serves his turn at the moment, the truth is of little account. He has gained the point, the cheers of the members. Such is England’s first minister in 1863! Quiet evening at home. Brooks left us to spend a week at Walton.

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