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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 24th

24 July 1863

Sunday 26th

26 July 1863
26 July 1863
Sunday 26th

A rainy day. I had little holiday, for the accumulated letters of the week were to be answered—and the American newspapers giving the details of events during the important period just passed. I was absorbed in them for several hours. The extracts from the Richmond newspapers exulting in fancied triumphs and apparently yet quite unapprised of the facts, are deeply exciting. When the last prop of their castle of cards falls, their sensation may be imagined. I went with my wife and daughter to Fulham to dine with the Bishop of London. The weather was so bad, no opportunity was found to look over the pretty grounds, which we saw two years ago. The company was large. I know only Count Lavadio, Dean Milman and Mrs Milman, Miss Coults and her lady companion. Lord and Lady Leven we made the acquaintance of. The only curious incident was that Mrs Tait asked me if it were really true that Vicksburg was taken.419 When I replied that there could be no doubt of it. She looked puzzled and said, Well, it might be, as she had not seen the Times of this morning. Here is an illustration of the peculiar influence of that paper, which merely by a capricious will can make people doubt the most indisputable evidence. We got home too late to go to Lady Palmerston’s last reception.

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