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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 26th

26 July 1863

Tuesday 28th

28 July 1863
27 July 1863
Monday 27.th

Owing probably to the uneasiness respecting the riot at New York I did not get any bag of Despatches. Mr Seward contented himself with transmitting through the Agent at New York a telegraphic message announcing the various items of good news. I got however through the mail a letter from my son John, and still more a pencil note from Charles of the 6th of July from Gettysburg. He had not been in the action, and was at the time on duty as provost marshal. As General Lee has fairly given them the slip I scarcely know what will be done next. I trust he may remain in that healthy country, but fear it would bee too good luck. The only papers I received were a file of the Times. The effect was to magnify any ideas of our success. We must have now at least sixty thousand prisoners, besides the entire command of the Mississippi. What more can the exhausted confederacy do? The London Times condescends to admit421 this morning that Vicksburg is taken. It’s tone like that of the other Journals is depressed. The whole English public remains as far a calamity. Thus it is that the utter hollowness of the former indignation against America for upholding slavery is completely exposed. The motives for that censure as for the present emotion are jealousy, fear and hatred. It is impossible for me to express the contempt I feel for a nation which exhibits itself to the world and to posterity in this guise. It is a complete forfeiture of the old reputation for manliness and honesty. I had a very quiet day. Walk towards evening. Henry and Mary went to spend two or three days. In the evening I finished Mrs Kemble’s book, and nearly got through Mr Forster’s Essay on the Grand Remonstrance. A good correction of the sophistry of Clarendon.

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