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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 27.th

27 July 1863

Wednesday 29th

29 July 1863
28 July 1863
Tuesday 28th

I went to the city this morning in quest of money, and found at Messr Barings a prevailing rumor of further success in America, which the news when it did come, scarcely sustained. The only indication of any cause for it was a farther decline in the price of gold which has reached twenty three per cent. There was a great panic in the market here, in the Rebel loan, and it fell to eighteen or twenty per cent discount. All these things are symptoms. The people here are waking from their dream. I returned home and busied myself making up my Quarterly account for myself and the Legation. A long walk and after it I went to dine with Mr Sanz, the Peruvian Minister. The company much the same as before. Baron Blanc, Chargé d’Affaires in the absence Count Kilmanegge a Mr Gibbs who sat next to me, and Mr Sampson the money writer for the Times wore the new ones. Mr Sanz said the occasion was the anniversary of the National Independence of Peru. He has left his house, and is now living at the Palace Hotel at Buckingham gate. He has been exceedingly courteous to me ever since his residence here. But I notice that he has none of the representatives of the other South American States, unless it be Mr Guttierez. Perhaps there are few of them here. I took my leave soon after two o’clock. The telegrams kept coming in, but without material news.422

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