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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 11th

11 August 1863

Thursday 13th

13 August 1863
12 August 1863
Wednesday 12th

Up early with alight breakfast to be off in a small Steamer which passes up the Caledonain canal. We yet had our acquaintances with us, bound for the Isle of Shye. Ben Nevis one of the highest mountains in Scotland was directly in front us, with traces of snow still visible in the hollows. This canal is made simply by an artificial connection of several lochs extending in one line as far as Inverness. We had435 to continue only so far as Laggan Lochs, where we found Miss Lampson and Mr Peabody waiting to receive us. A drive of four miles brought us to Invergarry, the place which they occupy and to which they invited us. I ought to mention that Henry and Brooks left us at Bannavie to try their fortune in a visit to Skye. I found many letters awaiting me which it took some time to read. But the news, I was thankful, was good. After a good breakfast, Mr Lampson took us a drive to see the falls of the Garry. The country is highly picturesque. The house is situated in the valley made by the loch. On one side of it a brawling mountain stream pours its waters into the loch. Some distance to the right is a finely outlined mountain called Ben Teeth. There is hill and vale, wood, heather and water every where. The Garry falls are pretty and bold with rather a large volume of water for these regions. At dinner we met our company. Mr Alex Duncan, Sir Adam Hay and Mr Somerby. Mr Lampson who had been out shooting was there of course. This is the first day of grouse shooting. The success had been good but not great. In the evening, there was a whist table. I was much urged to play, but begged off on account of my fatigue and drowsiness. Glad to get to bed.

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