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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 12th

12 August 1863

Friday 14th

14 August 1863
13 August 1863
Thursday 13th

A superb day, clear and cool. I spent the morning in writing letters to my sons. I desire never to miss a week, as they, and more particularly Charles is in my mind all the time. After luncheon, Mr Peabody invited me to join him on the water to fish. The object assigned was to catch Salmon. Two men rowed the boat at a steady rate, and we sat in the stern with three rods between us laid down with the lines trolling. No salmon would come. It was nevertheless pleasant to bask in the sun, and look at the lights and shadows on the distant mountain as well as the gorge nearer by. Presently I caught a trust and a couple of pike of perhaps four pounds each. They exercised me at my reel, a practice long since abandoned. Mr Peabody seemed far more interested in my success than I was myself. We got436 home late— But dinner waits for sportsmen, as they all are here. Mr Duncan had come in early with a slight injury to his hand. Evening, Whist into which I was obliged to go. These people all play with eagerness and skill. It looks like a business. I also like good playing but without labor. We broke up at about midnight.

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