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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 13th

13 August 1863

Saturday 15th

15 August 1863
14 August 1863
Friday 14th

Variable and sultry. Mr Peabody gave me some American papers to read. Then a visit from Mr Edward Ellice and his sister. Mrs Finch, who came to invite us over to Glen Quoich. Mrs Lampson had luncheon al fresco. Mr Ellice talked as fast as ever, occasionally running full bult into American affairs. I keep profound silence and he goes off on something else. If I visit him, one thing must be guarded against, and that is, any collision like that which took place at his own house before. He lingered long, talking all the time. After he had gone Mrs Lampson drove Mrs Adams and myself about six miles in the direction of another fall. Here I got out of the carriage and they left me. I followed the road to a bridge, but the view disappointed me. I then walked home about seven miles, in a light rain. The sportsmen had not drove much. They try for deer but without success. In the evening there was Whist as usual. I played for a while, and then gave my place to Mr Duncan.

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