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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 14th

14 August 1863

Sunday 16th

16 August 1863
15 August 1863
Saturday 15th
Glen Quoich

Sir Adam Hay is a very well bred man. His son is married to Mr Duncan’s daughter, with whom I dined during the season. Mr Duncan is a Scotchman who went young to America and married an heiress, since when he has been gradually drawing back home again. All the gentlemen are sportsmen, in the season. They live for nothing else. I could scarcely put up with such a life. Yet it is the English habit, therefore every English gentleman feels bound to follow suit. We stacked early to go to Glen Quoich. At an intermediate house of his at Ardechy, Mr Ellice and Mrs Finch received and took charge of us. The site is pretty, on a height directly facing Loch Garry. Here we had a very nice luncheon served, but it came on to rain. As a consequence the rest of the437 way to Glen Quoich we had a driving rain in front, which wet Mrs Adams who was in a barouche with Mr Ellice, much more than it did us who retrained the covered carriage. Of course the opportunity to enjoy the scenery was lost. We had nothing left but to prepare for dinner and to meet the other guests. These proved to be Lady Wharnecliffe and her daughter, Miss Benverie, Lady Harriet Sinclair, and a clergyman by the name of Moore. Mr Somerby also came with us. Adding to these, Mr Ellice, his son and his Wife with her sister, Miss Rose Balfour, it made fourteen at table. In the evening we had a little music and conversation, but no resort to Whist.

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