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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 15th

15 August 1863

Monday 17th

17 August 1863
16 August 1863
Sunday 16th

The barometer gave indications which proved accurate of rain and mist, notwithstanding the son shone when I awoke. There was a fine rainbow in the morning which seldom fails to verify the proverb. Of course we were somewhat confined to the house, but the time did not hang heavy. Mr Ellice has a good collection of books, and Mrs Ellice, many volumes of sketches of her own or of others which are interesting. She is a very modest retiring but accomplished woman. There was a short service in the dining room, by Mr Moore, at which we all attended. As it held up after luncheon, I took a walk with the younger Ellice and Mr Moore. about four miles to some falls which are very pretty. The entire surrounding of the house are wild and romantic enough; in this respect incomparably superior to Invergarry. The drawback is a greater tendency to humidity. Evening some conversation with Mr Ellice. He is often tempted into talking about America, but I meet him there with profound silence. This is my only safeguard against the danger which I experienced in my visit to him in London in company with Mr Evarts. This answers the purpose, as he really bears no ill will. I then get him talking on English politics past and present, where he is always shrewd and amusing. A steady adherent in parliament of the whip party of the Foxite school, his long experience has given him a fund of anecdotes as to events and to the leading men which it is pleasant to hear him given. His son is by no means his equal.438

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