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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 8th

8 September 1863

Thursday 10th

10 September 1863
9 September 1863
Wednesday 9th

Warmer, with a sharp thunder storm at night. I continued my letters to correspondents in America. Mr William Evans was here in the morning, full of a project of an answer to Lord Russell’s letter to the Union and Emancipation memorial. I very broadly intimated to him that such a step was at present unnecessary, but he could with difficulty be made to believe the truth. In the afternoon I walked to see Mr J. A Lowell and his family, and his family, at Maurigy’s Hotel, and Mr and Mrs J. L Gardner at the Grosvenor. The first party are going home whilst the second are just coming from there. At Boston we have had a visiting acquaintance but no intimacy. Their political tendencies have generally been on the opposite side to mine. But in my official situation I do not recognize such distinctions, especially at this time when a common danger ought to unite us all. This consumed much time. Evening quiet in the family.

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