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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 9th

9 September 1863

Friday 11th

11 September 1863
10 September 1863
Thursday 10th

The air was cool and the feeling autumnal. The preparation of Despatches was not so much work as usual. The public seems still unapprized of the action of the government in respect to the war vessels and inclined to doubt the fact. It does appear certain that no attachment has been laid upon them. Yet a leader in the Times apparently not knowing the decision works in reality for the preparation of the public mind to that end. I had visits from Mr Forster who is passing through town on his way home from France. He seemed anxious to know the facts, and I told him. He said the position of the Emperor was very equivocal. I replied that if we could succeed in keeping things steady here, I should not fear much from a collision with France. He seemed glad to hear the result of the action of government. Mr Field came to take leave. The contract for the telegraphic cable was signed and he had no more to do here. Mr Hopkins is on his way from South America to the United States. Originally sent a diplomatic agent to Paraguay he contrived to make a quarrel, after which he settled there and now goes back in a consular capacity to represent his adopted country in the land he left. Long walk in the course of which I met Mr Morse and had some talk with him about the remaining vessel at Glasgow. There is difficulty here about getting evidence. I suggested461 a course of proceeding which might attain the object in another way. He seemed to think it might be worth trying. In the evening we went to spend the evening with Mr and Mrs Lowell. Mr and Mrs Gardner were there also. They are related. Home at half past ten.

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