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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 13th

13 September 1863

Friday 15.th

15 September 1863
14 September 1863
Monday 14th

I never feel at home in this house, and yet the family are very kind and polite, and they begged me so earnestly to come back again this afternoon to join a party to go on the river Thames, that I yielded my inclination to stay in London. Up early to start with Mr Bates at half past eight, reached my own house at ten o’clock, where I found the Steamer’s letters. Only a single Despatch, and that a very general one. Not many private letters. A single note form the Consul at Liverpool announcing that the iron clad was about to go on a trial trip. The Post had an article apparently signifying an intent to take off the restriction, whilst the Times the News and the Star had official notices of a contrary character. These symptoms of fluctuation gave me much uneasiness, but it was partially quieted by a later telegram from Liverpool announcing that the Vessel had gone into Birkenhead to lay up. So I returned to Windsor at three. My direction was to go to Maidenhead and thence to the Thames where I met the party. The ladies were in a boat round by four young men. I joined Mr Van de Weyer, who was in a flat point, moved across the Stream fishing for gudgeons. We changed our places repeatedly, but with no great success. I am not fortunate in this kind of adventure the present year. But we enjoyed the soft atmosphere and the banks of the River here dotted with pretty cottages, and far more picturesque than it is below. At six o’clock we came ashore took tea with the ladies and young party at Skindles, after which we all drove home. At dinner I found Mr Clarke had gone. Mr Bates had come from town, and the young men consisting of Mr Ruthun, Lord Neavry and his brother.

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