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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 14th

14 September 1863

Wednesday 16th

16 September 1863
15 September 1863
Friday 15.th

We left New Lodge, having experienced the kindest and most friendly reception from our hosts. I am slightly at a loss to understand to what we owe this, as we can do little for them here, where any thing American is scarcely a recommendation in good society. Neither can I imagine any personal affinity to any of us. The two reason is doubtless a desire to please Mr Bates who really does like us because we are Americans. This is in464 real truth giving them credit for their filial regard. Mr Van de Weyer is a self made man, having sprung from a plebeian family in Belgium, and risin upon the outbreak of the revolution of 1830. In the outside world he is shrewd and cold, but in his own family circle, genial, and affectionate. On my reaching home I found a new note from Lord Russell in reply to mine of the 5th, which will renew my labors. I had hoped that the controversy had ceased. But I am not likely to have much rest whilst I remain at this difficult post. My reliance must be on support from above. I had visits from Mr Harvey, the Minister at Lisbon, from Mr Moncure Conway who has returned to this region, and from a Mr Newman, who tells me he is the son of the lady whose marriage my mother attended in 1820, when she took me with her to Baltimore. He is now past middle age, and no longer lives in that city. His mother and his sisters are at Newport and he at New York. Quiet evening at home.

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