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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 15.th

15 September 1863

Thursday 17th

17 September 1863
16 September 1863
Wednesday 16th

Fine weather. Engaged pretty much all day in the preparation of my reply to Lord Russell. It is necessarily long and perhaps controversial. My only lesson must be patience to steer clear of the many dangers that surround my path and average to do my whole duty to my country. I had visits from two American youths just from College, who are on a trip our Europe, and from Mr Sanford who is as ubiquitous as ever. He thinks there is much cause of apprehension from Napoleon’s policy which is now developing itself through the agency of Mexico. Perhaps we have this additional trial in reserve for us. We had to dine with us today Mr Harry, Mr and Mrs Gardner, Mr Twisleton, Miss Gardner and Mr Burgess. Mr Lowell and his family had been asked and accepted. But they have received the news of the death of a grand child, which has turned their pleasure into mourning. Mr Burgess is a young american at Oxford. Another one, Mr Hazeltine, also at Oxford had been invited, but would not come. Mr Twisleton is a man of sense and education, just now recovering from the loss of his Wife, when we saw in apparent health when we first came to England.465

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