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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 22d.

22 September 1863

Thursday 24th

24 September 1863
23 September 1863
Wednesday 23d.

The weather is now as variable as the spring. Showers and sunshine alternate through the day. Morning, replies to letters and receiving visits. A gentleman from Boston who has been living in the West, and who was for a long time as Medical doctor in the sanitary commission connected with the army of General Grant. He injured his health so much that he was obliged to resort to a voyage to the Azores. Here he found some warm baths which had been of great service to him. Mr Moncure D. Conway called to see me as I had requested. My object was to communicate to him a message from the Government in reply to his application made some time ago to be pardoned for his absurd overtures to Mr Mason. I was directed to say to him that inasmuch as he had so frankly acknowledged his error there was no disposition to pursue the matter. He seemed greatly relieved. He then told me something of his life and family. His father, he says, is now living in Richmond. His mother and sister are in the north. They get letters from him constantly they know not by what channel. Some of these had been sent to the Secretary of War. Mr and Mrs Clay called also. She is a Scotch woman. The days are shortening fast. My walk again runs into the dark. I went today through Regent Street to the Strand, thence to Farringdon and Holborn home. Evening, finished the Lady of the Lake to the ladies.469

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