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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 23d.

23 September 1863

Friday 25th

25 September 1863
24 September 1863
Thursday 24th

There is now a period of apparent repose which is suspicious. I found on reviewing topics for Despatches this week, that they were more scarce than usual. The American newspapers came today. They are full of the details of the late successes which are deeply interesting. The long desired rescue of Eastern Tennessee has taken place by means of a series of skilful manoeuvres by General Rosecranz The success at Charleston in taking Morris Island simplifies the blockade of the place, if it does not effects its complete capture. The most singular event is the delivery of an address at New York, by my old friend Sumner. He, being Chairman of the Committee of Foreign relations in the Senate undertakes to make a severe public examination of the conduct of England and France His speech is very long, elaborate and powerful. It lacks the element of discretion, the chief deficiency in his character. I know not how it may affect matters here. If the government do not sanction it they can easily through Mr Seward and Lord Lyons cause it so to be understood here. So, on the whole, I do not apprehend much from that some unless the government sustain it, which I do not believe. A long walk, and quiet evening.

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