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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 24th

24 September 1863

Saturday 26th

26 September 1863
25 September 1863
Friday 25th

I made an unpleasant discovery today. Charles Light whom Mr Dallas handed over to me as Messenger of the Legation, and who likewise acts as Butler in my household is detected in appropriating to his own purposes money paid to him for the tradesmen. I have been long dissatisfied with him, and gave him warning of it a couple of weeks since, but I had no idea of his having gone thus far. He left the house this morning, and did not come back again. How far this has been carried I am left in the dark about. I wrote my letters pretty early in the day and then went out with Mrs Adams to pay a visit to Mr and Mrs Randolph Clay. She only was at home. She is a Scotch woman of the name of Crawford and very artificial in manner. Afterwards I walked for an hour in the Regent’s park with Mrs Adams who is trying to recover her habits of exercise, lost after her illness on our return from Niagara falls many years ago. Evening quietly at home, reading a volume of letters of Algernon Sydney, John Locke and others of not much interest.470

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