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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 25th

25 September 1863

Sunday 27th

27 September 1863
26 September 1863
Saturday 26th

The man Light did not come home, so this morning I directed his papers to be seized and brought to me. They detected him in an extent of fraud for which I was not at all prepared. It seems that he has not only forged the signature to some receipts, but he has kept back money to pay bills for a long time back, so that I can scarcely tell where I stand. Luckily for me I have never trusted him with the payment of heavy accounts, so that it will not be as heavy a loss as it might. The curious part of it is that from fear of detection he has been in the habit of intercepting many notes and letters of mine, which he suspected to contain bills. I found several, which had they reached me would have betrayed him. Of course this matter occupied my mind quite fully all day. I went to the city, to start some enquiries for a successor. Called on Mr Bates and Mr Morgan. The latter was gone to Switzerland. This is a new species of trial to me, for in my married life of thirty four years I have never to my knowledge been defrauded in this way. Took a walk with Mrs Adams at five. In the evening the mail bag arrived from America with newspapers and letters.

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