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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 27th

27 September 1863

Tuesday 29th

29 September 1863
28 September 1863
Monday 28th

Rainy morning, but it cleared afterwards. I was much engaged in the examination of the papers of my butler for the purpose of ascertaining so far as I could the extent of his roguery. I already trace misappropriation of money to the extent of a hundred and fifty pounds, and I much fear the end is not yet. It is some time I entirely lost my confidence in his veracity. And at the beginning of the month I put him on his good behavior for three months. My situation here has seemed to me so precarious that I was anxious to keep along as well as I might. The consequence has been such an encroachment on my indulgence as to lead to the present difficulty. Now I think a radical change must take place in the household. Late as it is in the term, I must undertake it. Little else was done. I took a walk, calling on my way at Mr H. W. Beecher’s but found him out, and Mr Butler Duncan likewise. Quiet evening at home.

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