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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 28th

28 September 1863

Wednesday 30th

30 September 1863
29 September 1863
Tuesday 29th

The weather is extraordinarily fine. Very fortunately for me I have not so much of public business as usual, so that I can turn my attention more to setting my house in order. I analyzed the accounts of money today, and found the deficiency in payments less than I had estimated, but the breach of trust more. The forgery of the receipts for the Legation of two Quarters of Mr Reuter’s Telegrams remains the great crime. The loss is lessened by the offsets the government obtain from his Wages and other accounts due him. I immediately set about the payment of such of the accounts as seemed to demand attention at once. Not disposed to trust any body but my son, he and I went about it. Visits from Mr Harvey, and Colonel Harrison Ritchie who has just arrived from Boston. I received rather a sharp note from Lord Russell which required a moderating answer. Mr Sumner’s speech has had a least one good effect in drawing out of his Lordship a pretty fair reply. The attack from America enables him to get on a high tone of retort which will give him popular strength to sustain his position. Walk with my daughter around the Regent’s park. In the evening, I read a portion of Boswell’s Johnson containing the account of their visit to Inverary, to the ladies.472

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