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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 12th

12 October 1863

Wednesday 14th

14 October 1863
13 October 1863
Tuesday 13th
St Leonards

Rose a little earlier than common for the sake of giving to take a bath in the surf. It is stimulating to the skin, if not agreeable. The older I grow the more am I a believer in water as a safeguard to health. The day proved warm and fine, and was passed in a great measure out of doors. I wrote a letter to Mr Everett which I sent to London to be copied. In the morning with the ladies, and after luncheon, took a long stroll through Hastings about to Fairleigh. Quiet evening at home. I read more of Mr Massey’s history of the last century in England. It gives a picture far from flattering.

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