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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 13th

13 October 1863

Thursday 15th

15 October 1863
14 October 1863
Wednesday 14th
St Leonards

The wind was high all day, and the surf was rather strong, but I encountered it. Only a few besides myself. It gives me a nice appetite for breakfast. Afterwards I retire to a quiet little backroom where I write without interruption. I accomplished a letter to Mr Evarts and one to my son John, before I went to walk with my daughter. We went as far up as Hastings, called to see Mrs Parker where we found Mrs Adams who walked back with us. She is rapidly gaining in muscular force. After luncheon, I took a walk in the direction north from St Leonard’s. It is not so pretty as the vicinity of Hastings. With the exception of a few small cultivated and ornamented pieces of ground, the country is bare and looks a little bleak. We find the house suits us quite nicely, and the privacy is as entire as we could wish. Evening, continued Mr Massey’s history.483

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