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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 14th

14 October 1863

Friday 16th

16 October 1863
15 October 1863
Thursday 15th
St Leonards

The sea looked rather rough but I posited in my bath, though I was satisfied with a few rollers. The sky was cloudy all day, and for a short-time it rained, just before dark. I received from London papers which enabled me to draw my Despatches and send them to be copied in season to dispense with going personally today. Also wrote my private letters to my sons. Afterwards went out on the parade with my daughter. We get to Hastings and executed some commissions there, but were intercepted by the rain and drove home. In the evening I continued Massey’s History. I met this gentleman last year at a dinner at Mr Moffat’s, and was pleased with his manners and conversation. His book has the merit of frankness and candor, but it has not much more. On the revolutionary struggle he is fair, though he fails to penetrate its full meaning.

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