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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 21st

21 October 1863

Friday 23d.

23 October 1863
22 October 1863
Thursday 22d.
St Leonards

The sea was calm, so that instead of surf I was compelled to swim for my amusement. The water was however considerably colder. Busy in writing until four o’clock. The freedom from interruption which I enjoy in this operation is one of the most curious contrasts to my London life. Mrs Adams with the Richie to visit Battle Abbey. After my work was over I strolled over to the cliffs to the eastward of the castle, over looking the sea towards Dover. I also followed the road under the cliff on which the castle stands, as far as it went. Here I found two or three of the most picturesque situations I have seen in England. In this particular the curiously irregular ground on which Hastings stands is highly favorable. A windmill with a cluster of small dwellings on one elevation, with the ruins of the castle on a background of soft gold cloud and a setting sun, with a motionless sheet of water on the east, and myriads of vessels with sails set dotting the surface had a marvellous soothing influence on my spirit until I tore myself away to return by the way of the esplanade, under the rays of a clear and bright moon. Quiet evening in conversation. Mr Ritchie related to me some particulars of the history and doings of General Butler in Louisiana which by means do credit to our national character. The man, like many other brought forward in thee war, only devleopes the dishonesty which was within him long before. He likewise entertains a low opinion of General Bank’s military qualities which have been so much lauded, though he esteems him as an administrative Officer very highly.488

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