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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 22d.

22 October 1863

Saturday 24th

24 October 1863
23 October 1863
Friday 23d.

Clear morning. Early breakfast and went to town. Found myself as usual engaged in all sorts of business. Finished up my letters and Despatches which took most of the day or what was left of it. Dismissed my servant Henry Herds being the last of the series inside of my house which I had from Mr Dallas. I hope hereafter at least to regulate my household to my taste. Henry went down to St Leonard’s. I called to see Mr and Mrs Johnson Livingston at Edwards’s Hotel. They brought letters to me from America, but in my present denuded state at home I can do nothing for them Then a walk and home. Evening engaged on my Diary and Phillimore.

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