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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 23d.

23 October 1863

Sunday 25th

25 October 1863
24 October 1863
Saturday 24th
St Leonards

Foggy and dull. My state of depression of spirits is becoming chronic. This way of living does not suit me, and the condition of public as well as of my private affairs at home is not satisfactory. Perhaps as the season runs to its end I shall revive again. Here my situation is certainly less precarious than it was. There certainly is more inclination to let matters go without meddling. But much depends on the military news, which just now is stationary. Had a visit from Mr Walker who tells me that the division in the cabinet is very devided on the question of policy in regard to the Slave States. Mr Chase and Mr Stanton take sides with Sumner who proposed to annul the State governments. Mr Seward and Mr Blair are for restoring them on conditions. The President advocates the latter policy. It seems to me that to treat the rebellion as one of States is at once to justify the right of succession. And to assume the right of annulling a State is to destroy the structure of government, which is made to rest on the people as the morning principle of State authority. I cannot see my way to the radical fancies of Mr Sumner. Our divergency when it took place, was a real one, resting on ideas. called to see Mr and Mrs Ritchie. They had just got home. Dined at a restaurant and then went to the Haymarket Theatre to see Mr and Mrs Wigan. The piece was Finesse a poor thing by Lady Gifford. Their performance made it all that it could be. Afterwards Charles 12th which did not strike me much.489

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