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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 26th

26 October 1863

Wednesday 29th

29 October 1863
27 October 1863
Tuesday 27th
St Leonards

Clear and so calm that there was no surf at my bath. As a consequence I was compelled to swim in order to resist the chill of the water. The reaction on coming out was however very perfect. In my quiet little room I pursued my occupation of writing until noon, when I went out to walk with Mary. After luncheon she went on horseback with Henry. It had grown thick but I accompanied Mrs Adams in the carriage on a drive to Sedlescombe, a village about seven miles distant. It is a curious specimen of the old English settlement. Nothing looks dilapidated however. The people are not rich, but they are not wretched as you find them in the great turns in the manufacturing Districts. Quiet evening, reading Jesse’s account of London.

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