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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 27th

27 October 1863

Thursday 29th

29 October 1863
29 October 1863
Wednesday 29th
St Leonards

There was a light surf today which much enhanced the satisfaction in the bath. Henry left us for London. I worked upon my letters for the bag; prepared my Despatches which are not much this time, and read a large part of a pamphlet on neutral relations which Mr Charles G Loring has made of a series of papers printed in the Boston Advertiser. The argument seems to me conclusive, in almost every part. The policy of Great Britain has been cold, selfish and short sighted. As relates to America however this is not any change of the course of a country. After luncheon I took a walk with my daughter, back through the gate of St Leonard’s and Hollington across to Hastings returning by the esplanade. Weather threatening. Evening at home. continued Mr Jesse’s book.491

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