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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 29th

29 October 1863

Friday 30th

30 October 1863
29 October 1863
Thursday 29th
St Leonards

It is difficult to imagine a sharper contrast between the life here and that in London. I read no newspapers with the exception perhaps the Star. Neither have I a single interruption of any kind. The effect on my nerves is great. I become at once serene as if perfectly free from careā€”and what occupation I have is just enough to save me from ennui. In two hours I am in another atmosphere where I at once jump into the irritation of the conflict that comes to me through the newspapers from home, and the other variety which springs from the agitation of the subject here. The wind was high and the surf was great so that I did not bathe. But after my work was done I could not resist the temptation to walk the esplanade and watch the grand rollers as they came in and break in one sheet of foam. They do not compare in magnitude with those of our coast at Nantucket or Nahant. But those can seldom be seen with any share of person comfort in a heavy gale. Here the atmosphere is sufficiently mild not to detract form the enjoyment. All the surf comes in most powerfully with a southerly wind which comes from the tropics, and only parts with a share of its caloric as it passes over the water. Notwithstanding occasional showers I made out nearly my average amount of exercise before night. Finished the first volume of Jesse.

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