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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 29th

29 October 1863

Saturday 31st

31 October 1863
30 October 1863
Friday 30th

The aspect of the sky was remarkably wild this morning, neither did it portend variably. The day was tempestuous both in wind and rain. I went to London in the train at nine o’clock and reached my house al little before noon. There was not the usual amount of arrearage. I finished up all the Despatches and private letters in good season. I found one here from my son Charles dated the 5th of the month, giving the usual account of work and labor. Henry went to St Leonard’s at three in the midst of the heaviest rain. I had time to read files of the American newspapers which seem in general to be encouraging. The advance of General Lee seems to have resulted in no essential gain, though it looks imposing to the English people who like to magnify it. A visit from Mr Ritchie, who professes to visit Paris tomorrow. I took a walk, and in the evening sat alone in my room reading, and making up the arrears of this Diary.492

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