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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 14th

14 November 1863

Monday 16th

16 November 1863
15 November 1863
Sunday 15th
St Leonards

Mild, fine day. Attended Divine service with Mrs Adams at Christ Church. This is a new edifice after the Gothic style, but with free seats. They were all filled. The service performed by a young man, who intoned a portion of it in the High Church style. His discourse was upon the story of the woman healed of a long disease by the Savior. It did not seem a happy selection, or particularly well treated. The litany was again omitted, but for what reason I did not understand. In the evening, took a walk first to Hastings and then into cross roads which brought me to a place called the cemetery, opposite to which I found a new pathway, back to Hastings. My desire is never to retrace my path. I accomplished it this day. But cross ways do not seem to be common here to make such wandering safe. Got home pretty late. Evening quiet, reading Mr Massey’s book which is a little bordering on the tedious.502

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