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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 15th

15 November 1863

Tuesday 17th

17 November 1863
16 November 1863
Monday 16th
St Leonard’s

Having to attend a meeting of Trustees of Mr Peabody’s fund in London I went up for the day, stopping at the terminus near London Bridge. From thence I called on th Messr Baring in Bishopsgate Street to transact business Walked from there to the Board of Trade, where I met Lord Stanley, Sir Emerson Tennent and Mr Lampson of the Peabody Trustees. The object was to examine some new offers of land to erect buildings on. Two or three seemed eligible, and one was adopted. The moment of the endowment has now been nearly drawn from Mr Peabody; a portion has been used in purcasing the lot and building an edifice to use of the same kind as suitable sites may be obtained. An adjournment was made for a week. This gave me time for a flying visit to my house, and then back to the Victoria Station to take the four o’clock train. Quiet evening. Read aloud a few of Longfellows new poems.

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