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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 16th

16 November 1863

Wednesday 18th

18 November 1863
17 November 1863
Tuesday 17th
St Leonard’s

Misty and variable. Wrote several notes and one letter, and regaled myself with more of the biography of Leigh Hunt, which continues as sprightly as ever. The public news has been important, as the King of Denmark has rather suddenly died, thus opening up more difficulties in the way of peace in Europe. The effect is very favorable to the cessation of agitation about America. It was so wet in the roads that I confined myself to the furthest extent of the pavements in Hastings and back, making about three miles. Finished the fourth volume of Mr Massey, which is not however as much as he proposes to accomplish. It does not appear to add much to what we know of the times, though the spirit is on the whole fair and reasonable.

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