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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 17th

17 November 1863

Thursday 19th

19 November 1863
18 November 1863
Wednesday 18th
St Leonard’s

The mornings are clear, but before noon there comes a thing coating of vapor afloat not very high which observes the sun until evening, when it becomes clear again. The news from America is rather favorable again today. I trust that we are at last getting over the effects of the last reverse with less serious loss than ever experienced before. The elections continue to show decisive results in favor of the policy of the war and of the Administration. The smooths503 the declining road to the close of the term. Wrote the remainder of my Despatches, and sent them to London. Drove with Mrs Adams to Crowhurst and home by the Battle road. The country is singularly diversified with hillocks which render the driving uncomfortable, and severe for the horses; the rising and falling make a continuous labor. This is particularly the case with this drive. But Crowhurst rather pays for the trouble, by its picturesque clustering of cottages under the hill, and its old church and Yew trees in the valley. It has few traces of modern innovation. I am not sure that the picture is cheerful, but it is genuine and thoroughly rural. Quiet evening. Continued and finished Jessie’s Account of interesting portions of London.

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