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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 6th

6 December 1863

Tuesday 8th

8 December 1863
7 December 1863
Monday 7th
St Leonards

The mail brought letters and newspapers in which I was deeply interested. They confirm the telegraphic report, though they leave uncertain the degree to which advantage had been taken of the victory. And the position of General Burnside remains critical. I am not uneasy about it however, excepting insofar as he may not prove equal to the occasion. His opponent Longstreet, is one of the best of the rebel division commanders. We shall see how he acquits himself in an independent situation. I scarcely venture to imagine what the moral effect of this discomfiture will be. My earnest aspirations are for a termination of the struggle just so son as it will have effected the great end which will compensate all its cost. This must accelerate it. Having despatched all the pressing work, I walked down to the Victoria Station and took my way to St Leonard’s. Alone in the carriage from Hayward’s Heath. Found the family as usual. Continued Mr Hawthorn’s book after dinner.

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