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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 7th

7 December 1863

Wednesday 9th

9 December 1863
8 December 1863
Tuesday 8th
St Leonards

A blustering, rather unpleasant morning. The mail brought me news confirming the thorough defeat of General Bragg. So we may rely upon the acquisition of the district of Eastern Tennessee, and the application of another restriction upon the rebel boundaries. I wrote a draught of a confidential Despatch to Mr Seward giving an account of my conference of last Saturday, though by no means reporting the whole conversation. I also read the rest of Leigh Hunts Autobiography. It is a little drawn out towards the end, but is on the whole an addition to literature. The amiable temper in which it is written constitutes its greatest charm. My walk in the evening extended to the Turnpike gate out of the London road in Hastings. I likewise made a return and take leave visit to Mr Tilson Marsh, the Clergyman of the Parish, who has rather labored to make my acquaintance. In the evening, finished Mr Hawthorn’s book. The closing sketch of a dinner with a Lord Mayor is one of his best.

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