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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 14th

14 December 1863

Wednesday 16th

16 December 1863
15 December 1863
Tuesday 15th

Having cleared up my table of the papers which were in it, I seized a little leisure to go to the City and get some money. Found the Barings and Mr Sturgis but not Mr Bates. Having accomplished my business I was at home by two o’clock. Then out in the carriage with Mrs Adams to examine Christmas presents. Thence to return a visit to Mr and Mrs Bigelow, who were not at home. Next to Mr Bates whom I saw. He was sitting alone upstairs in the midst of his elegant things, looking disconsolate enough. I could not help thinking after all how little such matters avail to smooth the loneliness of declining years. He complained of some difficulty in breathing, which was quite audible. Thence to see Sir William and Lady Ouseley. She only was at home, and had two ladies paying a visit, and the grandchildren down which was rather awkward to me who have been so long out of these ways. Home. Evening, a little of Vanity Fair.

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