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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 15th

15 December 1863

Thursday 17th

17 December 1863
16 December 1863
Wednesday 16th

Quiet day in work, but plenty of visitors. Mr Huston came about the case of Mr Richmond. He had seen the Judge, who had come to the conclusion to report favorably upon his case. I told him what I had done. No reply had yet come to me, but I did not much doubt the point would be gained. I expressed a hope that Mr Richmond would return home as soon as he got his freedom, which Mr H said was already agreed upon. Though he seems innocent of the offence for which he was tried, I cannot quite acquit him of another and much more serious one, which is not commonly attended with any penalty in the Court here. Dr Max Schlesinger called by appointment, having received a line of introduction from Mr Motley. His object was to obtain from me any information respecting American affairs that might be useful to supply to the German newspapers with which he is connected. I told him I could cheerfully give him any when I found what might be material. Mr Smith, the Consul at Dundee called. One of the very521 grotesque appointments of the Resident. The news from America is that the President is ill with the small pox which naturally creates uneasiness, though at present it comes only in the form of a report. A long walk in the evening. Began to read a chapter from Vanity Fair to the family when we were interrupted by a visit form Mr Ehringer.

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