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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 21st

21 December 1863

Wednesday 23d.

23 December 1863
22 December 1863
Tuesday 22d.

Clouds which were dispersed by a high wind, and gave an unusually clear but rather cold day. I had visits from Mr Lucas, the Editor of the Star and Mr R. J. Walker. The former came to talk about matters at home. The impression is gaining that we are on the eve of some settlement. I think not. Time can only bring it. The message of Jefferson Davis indicate despair and desperation. Mr Walker came to say that the report of the proceedings on Thanksgiving day was now printed in the revised form, and he should send me copies. This being Christmas week I prepared my Despatches in advance. Brooks returned for the vacation. He has improved very much during the last term, and is highly commended for his deportment as well as for his progress. A long walk with him. Evening, reading Vanity Fair.

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