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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 22d.

22 December 1863

Thursday 24th

24 December 1863
23 December 1863
Wednesday 23d.

Despite the predictions of the weather wise, the temperature threatening frost yesterday at noon relaxed again in the night. I went down today, and attended the last of the three days sale of coins. It embraced only the English series, and some books. With a single exception I obtained all the coins I wanted at a reasonable rate. I was however obliged to take with them some which I did not want. This is made necessary here by the practice of playing into the hands of the dealers. There was the usual attendance, and the competition in some things was very sharp, among the brethren. My presence is always an astonishment to them. On my way home I called to return the visit of the Peruvian Minister. We had Colonel and Mrs Ritchie to dine with us and they spent the evening.

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