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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 8th

8 January 1864

Sunday 10th

10 January 1864
9 January 1864
Saturday 9th

My cold made me uncomfortable this morning. The news from America is to the end of the year, and is not important. Here we have the intelligence of the birth of a Prince, in the lineal succession to the throne. An event for this country. Who would now be ready to draw his Horoscope? I had some more newspapers to read and incidental business to do. The family returned from Ampthill quite pleased with their visit. The weather had moderated and I took a long walk with Brooks. In the evening, read a little of Vanity Fair as well as my cold would permit me. The bag from America came at midnight. A long letter from Charles expressing a great desire to come here, if he can get leave. It then rests with John and the government. I see no reason why he should not have permission. Yet I dare not indulge in any hope of success.

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