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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 9th

9 January 1864

Monday 11th

11 January 1864
10 January 1864
Sunday 10th

Cold rather relieved, but makes me uncomfortable and irritable. Attended Divine service with Henry and Brooks, at the Chapel in the Vine Street. It was very cold and dense, and withal so full of smoke as to keep the people coughing more or less the whole time. Mr Maurice performed the whole service, which was appropriate to the Epiphany. His sermon was likewise occasional— But my mind was not fixed to it. I spent some time today in running over a memorial book to her mother by Miss Susan Quincy, lent to me by Miss Somerby. Though there is much that is trifling and without interest to strangers, I find some of the letters of Mr Quincy and his Wife which are of a high order in the class of such productions between man and wife. I read the whole through before I went to bed. It is not published. I a little wonder she did not send one to me. We had to dinner Col and Mrs Ritchie, and afterwards541 Mr Evarts came in, just arrived by the Australasian. He has returned for consultation in the legal proceedings to be conducted both here and in France against the rebel vessels. His report of matters at home is encouraging. The spirit of the country is firm and confident. It has settled down into a conviction the struggle can terminate only in one way. The government will probably be sustained, and continued exactly as it is after the election. I might be called upon to remain here four years more. I said little in reply to this because the occasion required none. Neither do I at all believe the the necessity will exist. God forbid that it should. The termination of the war is the mark to which I look, for release.

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